Welcome to the world of Riveraeria, this portion of the world is cut off from the Old World by high mountains, oceans, and the narrowed portion of the Great World river Aeria as it passes through the World’s End Mountains. The river Aeria dominates the main continent of Aeldora, and most life revolves around the river in some fashion. Most of the great countries of Aeldora have no contact with Riveraeria, though some of the outposts in Riveraeira have their beginnings in the Old World. Many other small countries, enclaves, and outposts have nothing to do with the Old World and instead are creations of life in Riveraeria and how folks have learned to live and deal with the hand they’ve been dealt by life.

The Old World was dominated by the Empire of Man along with their Elven and Dwarven allies. An invading army from the continent of Thrace called the Thracian Alliance attacked and eventually overran the empire, it’s Elven allies and some of it’s Dwarven allies. The Dwarven Shield lands have held out at several points along the Worlds End mountains, most notably all the mountain passes and the river pass. Large forts built into the mountains defend both sides of all the passes. The remains of the Elves, the Empire of Man, and a small gnomish country called Geariring managed to escape through the passes and down the river. Those who escaped established new lands on the other side of the World’s End mountains, and provide a constant source of troops to the Dwarven Shield lands to help protect the passes.

Riveraeria contains the following countries, enclaves and free cities:
The Dwarven Shield Lands, this country consists of 10 strongholds guarding the various passes through the mountains, as well as the hilly area directly around Safehold and Stronghold (the two strongholds on the Riveraeria side of the mountains).

Safehold is on the southern side of the river.
South of Safehold on the southern side of the river lies:
The Gnomish Kingdom of Gearring is just to the south of the Dwarven Shield Lands.
The Empire of Man exists south of the Gnomes and extending to the first great bend in the Aeria.
The Grand Duchy of Thistledown exist to the south of the Empire and stretches to the east on the River.
The Broken Rock tribe of Orcs controls the territory south of the Grand Duchy extending to the Svalbarn River
The Vale is a small community extending into a large valley running into the mountains, just south of the Svalbarn river, in fact the Svalbarn river flows out of the mountains right next to the entrance of The Vale..
East of the Grand Duchy of Thistledown is the Darkling Forest which is a wild area containing at least one destroyed country (The Kingdom of Skrat), sevearl destroyed cities and towns (Thrane and Djarn being the two largest), the river Svalbarn, and a whole lot of untamed orcs and goblins.

Stronghold is on the northern side of the river.
East of Stronghold on the northern side of the river lies:
Elvenheim in the Elder forest, this elven kingdom was already in existence prior to the Thracian Conquest and is where most of the elves who escaped settled down along with a small contingent of halflings. The Elder Forest extends across most of the land north of the river and fills all the land until running into the Broadsweep hills along the river and into The Wastes to the north of the Broadsweep hills. The small halfling contingent settled into the portion of the Broadsweeps that is closest to the river and the Elder Forest, this area is part of Elvenheim but is semi-autonomous and is known as The Shire.

Where the Aeria and Aeldon split there is a massive delta that runs to the ocean, containing several free cities, and the Barrens HIlls.
Freehold is the largest of the free cities it exists right at the junction of the Aeria and Aeldon.
Ocean’s View is the next largest of these, it is located on the delta where the Aeldon run’s into the ocean.
Nawl is the smallest of the free cities and is located on the delta where the Aeria runs into the ocean.
The Barren Hills is a series of small hills on the delta that encompass most of the delta’s territory

Out in the ocean, south of Nawl and the mouth of the Aeria lies Carin’s Isle a busy trade and shipping center.


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