Tag: Aeldora


  • Riveraeria

    Riveraeria is the cut off portion of the continent [[Aeldora | Aeldora]] that is inhabited by our starting players and lands

  • Old World

    The Old World is the portion of the continent of [[Aeldora | Aeldora]] that the players can not currently access and from where most of their ancestors originated

  • Aeria

    Aeria is the name of the great river that dominates the continent of [[Aeldora | Aeldora]] and that most life and commerce revolves around in some fashion. The river passes through the [[World's End Mountains | World's End Mountains]] crossing from the [[ …

  • Aeldora

    Aeldora is the name of the main continent that spans most of our world, it includes the [[Old World | Old World]] as well as [[Riveraeria | Riveraeria]]

  • World's End Mountains

    The World's End Mountains are the massive and dense mountain range cutting the continent of [[Aeldora | Aeldora]] in half. One half is known as the [[Old World | Old World]], the other [[Riveraeria | Riveraeria]]. There are a total of four passes through …

  • The Dawn War Pantheon

    The Dawn War Pantheon was founded by [[Corellon | Corellon]], [[Pelor | Pelor]], [[Sehanine | Sehanine]], and Nerull, gods of the seasons. No one but the gods know how [[The Raven Queen | the Raven Queen]] defeated [[Nerull]] and took his place as God( …