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  • Cairn's Isle

    Cairn's Isle is located in the ocean, almost directly south of Nawl and the mouth of the [[Aeria | Aeria]]. The main town is [[Carinton]]. The lord of the isle is [[:jules-cairn | Jules Cairn]]. Likely Races: Any, especially exotic ones. Lord -- [[: …

  • Carinton

    Cairnton is a major transhipment port for trade all along Aeldora and the continent of [[Brine]]. They do no official trade with [[Thrace | Thrace]] or any part of the [[Thracian Alliance | Thracian alliance]]. The people here are have dark skin and speak …

  • Ocean

    The Ocean that covers the eastern end of [[Riveraeria | Riveraeria]]. [[Cairn's Isle | Cairn's Isle]] is in this ocean and beyond that is the continent of [[Brine | Brine]]

  • Jules Cairn

    Ruler of [[Cairn's Isle | Cairn's Isle]]. Last living descendant of the founder. Merchant prince by trade, though a bit of privateering is not beyond him.