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  • Elvenheim

    Elvenheim is the Elven kingdom that stretches across the northern side of the [[Aeria | Aeria]] river, encompassing almost the entirety of the Elder Forest. This kingdom was already here before the Thracian conquest, and took in most of the elven …

  • Vynheim

    Vynheim is the capital of [[Elvenheim | Elvenheim]], it is the center of Elven culture for the entirety of [[Aeldora | Aeldora]]. According to legend this is where the first elf set foot upon the world millennia ago. Likely Races: Elves, small number …

  • Fynheim

    Fynheim is a smallish elvish trading and fishing town, in the country of [[Elvenheim | Elvenheim]]. Likely Races: Elves, very small number of humans, and halflings

  • Nordheim

    Nordheim is the name of the [[Elvenheim | Elvenheim]] garrison and trading outpost that supports the northernmost dwarven stronghold Likely Races: Elves, dwarf, small number of halflings

  • Elder forest

    The Elder Forest stretches north of the river, along the mountains and almost the entire way to the [[Aeldon river]]. It is bounded to the east by the [[Broadsweep hills | Broadsweep hills]] and [[The Wastes | The Waste]].

  • Trondheim wall

    The Trondheim wall is a long stretch of bramble and overgrowth that serves as a defensive line for [[Elvenheim | Elvenheim]] along its eastern border, it stretches along the edge of the [[Elder forest | Elder forest]] and across a small portion of the [[ …

  • The Shire

    The Shire is the small cutoff portion of the [[Broadsweep hills | Broadsweep hills]] that is located inside the [[Trondheim wall | Trondheim wall]] and is a semi-autonomous part of the Kingdom of [[Elvenheim | Elvenheim]]. A small squad of halfling …

  • Tannyll Brightsong

    Tannyll is old, even for an elf. He has outlived many a friend, and even a few children. He is ready to pass on to the [[twilight shore]], if not for his love for his country and people he would have departed long ago. He and his people were a major force …