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  • Freehold

    Freehold is the largest of the free cities and is very open. Peaceful beings of all races are welcome. The leader of Freehold is [[:alexandre-leveque | Alexandre Leveque]]. Freehold is a city of endless opportunity for the bold. The [[Grinning Gyrphon …

  • Grinning Gyrphon Inn

    The Grinning Gryphon is the largest best known tavern in [[Freehold | Freehold]]. If it's happening in Freehold it's probably happening here. The owner is [[:gaetan-moreau | Gaetan Moreau]]. A crew of ruff looking beings are the bartenders here.

  • Alexandre Leveque

    Rumor has it that he was previously a pirate operating out of [[Djarn | Djarn]]. He took over [[Freehold | Freehold]] several years ago under a cloud of mystery.