Tag: Kingdom of Skrat


  • The Kingdom of Skrat

    The Kingdom of Skrat was an existing country founded from Cairn's Isle and was destrooyed about 100 years after the [[Thracian Conquest | Thracian conquest]]. The capital was [[Thrane | Thrane]] which is now ruins. [[Djarn | Djarn]] is the other major …

  • Thrane

    Thrane was the capital of the [[The Kingdom of Skrat | Kingdom of Skrat]]. It lies in ruins and for the most part has remained uninhabited. Likely Races: None currently, though a PC's family could be from here. In which case any race is acceptable.

  • Djarn

    Djarn was the main port city of the [[The Kingdom of Skrat | Kingdom of Skrat]], it lies at the junction of the [[Svalbarn River | Svalbarn]] and [[Aeria | Aeria]] rivers. Djarn's harbor is still serviceable and has been the home of ambitious pirates off …

  • Morrigan Duquesne

    Morrigan defended his country to the last, most of the townsfolk and some of the nobles escaped, but Morrigan and his royal guard died in the last battle.