Tag: Old World


  • World's End Mountains

    The World's End Mountains are the massive and dense mountain range cutting the continent of [[Aeldora | Aeldora]] in half. One half is known as the [[Old World | Old World]], the other [[Riveraeria | Riveraeria]]. There are a total of four passes through …

  • The Anvil

    The Anvil was a small Dwarven kingdom, populated by Clan Cair, in the Old world on one side of a small range of hills, they were allied with the The Hammer and Clan Burnett on the other side.

  • The Hammer

    The Hammer was a small dwarven kingdom in the [[Old World | Old World]] that was allied with [[The Anvil | the Anvil]]. The remnents of its people are [[Clan Burnett | Clan Burnett]] and resettled in [[Burnett Hold | Burnett Hold]] in the [[Dwarven Shield …