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  • Aeria

    Aeria is the name of the great river that dominates the continent of [[Aeldora | Aeldora]] and that most life and commerce revolves around in some fashion. The river passes through the [[World's End Mountains | World's End Mountains]] crossing from the [[ …

  • Svalbarn River

    River flowing out of [[The Vale | the Vale]] through the [[Darkling Forest | Darkling forest]] and flowing into the [[Aeria | Aeria]], just southeast of [[Freehold | Freehold]]. The ruined city of [[Djarn | Djarn]] is at the junction of the Svalbarn and …

  • Darkling Forest

    The Darkling forest runs from the edge of the [[Grand Duchy of Thistledown | Grand Duchy of Thistledown]] is bisected by the bramblethorn wall, encompasses the lost [[The Kingdom of Skrat | Kingdom of Skrat]], and is home to many tribes of Orcs, goblins, …

  • Elder forest

    The Elder Forest stretches north of the river, along the mountains and almost the entire way to the [[Aeldon river]]. It is bounded to the east by the [[Broadsweep hills | Broadsweep hills]] and [[The Wastes | The Waste]].

  • Aeldon river

    The Aeldon river is the name of the branch of the[[Aeria | Aeria]] that flows north of [[Freehold | Freehold]] to the ocean.

  • Broadsweep hills

    The Broadsweep hills rise up out of the [[Elder forest | Elder forest]] and run along a small stretch of the [[Aeria | Aeria]] and the entire length of the [[Aeldon river | Aeldon]] right up to the ocean. They are bounded along the north by [[The Wastes | …

  • The Wastes

    The Wastes is the stretch of land running north of the [[Broadsweep hills | Broadsweep hills]] and east of the [[Elder forest | Elder forest]], bounded on the north by the mountains and running to the ocean. The are a mix of scrubland, arid nothing, and …

  • World's End Mountains

    The World's End Mountains are the massive and dense mountain range cutting the continent of [[Aeldora | Aeldora]] in half. One half is known as the [[Old World | Old World]], the other [[Riveraeria | Riveraeria]]. There are a total of four passes through …

  • Barrens HIlls

    The Barren Hills makes up most of the delta that exists between the [[Aeldon river | Aeldon]] and [[Aeria | Aeria]] rivers. Other then the three free cities, there are a very few settlements in the hills, mostly small family sized enclaves. Likely …

  • Ocean

    The Ocean that covers the eastern end of [[Riveraeria | Riveraeria]]. [[Cairn's Isle | Cairn's Isle]] is in this ocean and beyond that is the continent of [[Brine | Brine]]

  • The Delta

    This is the Delta between the [[Aeldon river | Aeldon]] and [[Aeria | Aeria]] rivers. The [[Barrens HIlls | Barren hills]] are here, as well as the free cities of [[Freehold | Freehold]], [[Ocean's View | Ocean's View]], and [[Nawl | Nawl]].