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  • The Shire

    The Shire is the small cutoff portion of the [[Broadsweep hills | Broadsweep hills]] that is located inside the [[Trondheim wall | Trondheim wall]] and is a semi-autonomous part of the Kingdom of [[Elvenheim | Elvenheim]]. A small squad of halfling …

  • Homlet

    Homlet is the largest village in The Shire and is the Home of [[:hob-hamson | Hob Hamson]], the Mayor of [[The Shire | The Shire]]. Homlet is just one of those places where it's fun to be and there is always something interesting going on. Best known …

  • Hob Hamson

    Hob is the longtime Mayor of The Shire. He is extremely friendly and will cheerfully interact with any PC. He can often be found in the afternoon at the [[Hippogriff Alehouse]] in the main village of [[Homlet]].