Tag: The Vale


  • The Vale

    The Vale is a small community lying inside a large valley in the mountains, the [[Svalbarn River | Svalbarn river]] flows out the entrance to the Vale. The Vale is ruled over by The [[:archmage-felster | Archmage Felster]]. The capital of the Vale is …

  • the Tower

    The Tower is the capital of [[The Vale | the Vale]], it is ruled by the [[:archmage-felster | Archmage Felster]] and is dominated by his wizards tower that dwarfs everything else in the small city. Likely Races: Elves, humans, genasi, any peaceful …

  • Archmage Felster

    The Archmage Felster is only surviving member of the [[Wizards Guild | Wizards Guild]] of the original Empire of Man. He is the ruler of [[The Vale | The Vale]]