Empire of Man

The Empire of Man was the main country in the Old World, it was conquered by the Thracian Alliance. Most of the ruling family and as many of the commoners as possible were passed through several of the passes through the mountains. They founded a new country in a much smaller location. The youngest surviving son started the Grand Duchy of Thistledown, which protects the current Empires southern and eastern flanks. The Emperor’s name is Bradyn Duffy

One of the dwarven strongholds protecting a pass through the mountains is located to the west of the Empire, a small trading and garrison town Tradeholt is located near the stronghold.

The city of Munck is located in the southeast corner of the country along the border with The Grand Duchy of Thistledown.

Likely Races: Human, dwarf, gnome, elf

Emperor — Bradyn Duffy

Empire of Man

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